love will bring them back to life {an exciting new project}

has anyone ever given you a love letter? how did reading someone else’s feelings for you scrawled out in ink make you feel?
probably…loved. accepted. special. happy.

3002967227_aec483d6b7_zPhoto by Peter Hellberg on Flickr

now imagine yourself as an orphan in Liberia, West Africa. most of the time, people treat you like a statistic, just another face in the crowd. you’re a number, not a name. not a person who a mind + soul, with a heart that cries out because it’s hungry + thirsty for love to fill it.

the heartbreaking reality is that i happen to know orphans in Liberia, West Africa, who feel this exact same way. dozens of orphans, actually. nearly 150 to be exact.
and when i first met them, i saw their neediness, their ache for affection and care. for a hug. for love.

i saw it in their big eyes, seemingly shy to meet my own. in the embraces that lingered longer than necessary. in little hands that clawed at my legs, tiny fingers finding a way to intertwine with my own.

every child deserves to be loved. every child deserves to know she is loved.
but these kids in Liberia? so many of them have no idea…

when i lived there, it was my mission to love those kids back to life. and when it came time for me to leave, my heart tore in two. because who was going to say “i love you” in my absence? who was going to hug and hold, to tell the girls they’re beautiful, to encourage, to affirm?

when i came home, i spent hours upon hours pouring out my heart + soul for these kids. i wrote them personalized letters + individual greeting cards, all to simply remind these children that they are loved more than they could ever know.

and now i’m inviting you to join me.

i am humbled/proud/excited to introduce the love letters for liberia project, a way for people literally from all around the world to send some love to the kids in liberia through letters, cards + care-packages.
the concept is simple: every quarter, people can sign up to be a letter-writer. whether you’re local + can attend our letter-writing parties, or whether you live further away + want to send it through the mail. i will give you the name(s) + age(s) of a child in need of some letter-lovin’. then, i’ll gather them all up, ship them off to a courier (there is no reliable mail service to/from liberia), and they’ll be hand-delivered not long after!

i’ve seen first-hand what an impact love has on these kids’ lives + i am so excited to watch that grow in them, as they learn to see themselves as the beloved.

and you–you get to play a part in this.

so spread the word, like us on facebook,  mark your calendars (september 14 is the letter-writing launch), and drop me a line at elena[dot]pellizzaris at gmail if you want to be involved.
together we can bring love to liberia, one letter at a time.