thin-spiration: {week six}

update time!

  • weight: down another pound + a half. slow and steady will win this race!
  • i lasted three days on the caffeine detox before i caved and made myself a cup of bustelo. surprisingly, the detox wasn’t as bad as i expected. i only had a few minor headaches, and wasn’t all that cranky. going to try and limit myself to a cup a day from now on.
  • still trying to cut out as many starchy carbohydrates as possible (except for rice, of course. don’t think this african-girl-at-heart could eeeevvverrr make it without rice!) the first five days or so without bread was tough. really tough. but i definitely feel better without it, and am still considering make the official switch to gluten-free (thoughts, anyone?)
  • am learning that healthy food can (and should be!) delicious! still eating a lot of fresh fruits + veggies, greek yogurt for protein, lean meats–and loving it! recently found a great recipe for baked salmon with olive oil and sea salt. OH. MY. GOSH, Y’ALL. so amazingly yummy. seriously; try it!


(it’s so wrong, but i laugh hysterically EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and laughing burns calories, so…)


(guilty. only it was iced pumpkin donut holes. tasty at the time, terrible later on.)


(my inner monologue…daily.)

thin-spiration: {week five}

if you read last week’s post, you know that this has been my “fresh start week”. and if you didn’t…well, let me just say i fell off the proverbial wagon and ate copious amounts of chocolate and carbs as an attempt to make it through one of my toughest (non-fitness-related) weeks yet.

but i’m back.
and here are a few updates:

  • weight’s still the same. but i’m okay with that. as long as the number isn’t going up, we’re golden.
  • i’ve begun a detox/fast/cleanse to get rid of stored-up toxins, and it suuuucks. but i’ll be better off for it in the end, so c’est la vie.
  • as part of said cleanse, i’ve cut back on (read: trying to cut out) caffeine, at least for the time being. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. (did i mention this sucks?)
  • have been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and hitting the trails instead of the treadmill. it’s a nice change of pace; sunshine is good for my soul.

finally, here’s some of the good stuff that’s kept me going (and laughing!) enjoy!





thin-spiration: {week four}

sometimes in life, you just need to hit the reset button. i’m sure you know what i’m talking about. you have a rough day, a hard week, and all you want to do is start all over again, fresh and new.

that’s exactly where i’m at. this past week was difficult on many levels, and i was too focused on just trying to make it through that i didn’t care about eating my vegetables or whether or not i got to the gym. it’d easy to beat myself up for getting off track, but i refuse to let shame have a say


and so now i’m hitting reset.
and i’m reminded once again how thankful i am for second chances.


until next week…

thin-spiration: {week two}

so, an update on last week::

  1. in an attempt to avoid checking the scale obsessively, i’ve hid it away until later in the month. but i have noticed my clothes fitting a little looser, as well as an energy boost during the day + better sleep at night. #winning
  2. despite having been out of the gym for nearly a month, i dragged myself back there a couple times this week. on day one, i decided to get all ambitious ‘n’ stuff + see how far i could run. i made it two and a half miles, and i was 99.9% sure i was going to either puke or pass out when it was over. but let me repeat that:: i made it two and a half miles. not too bad.
  3. lest you think i’ve gone too far off the healthy deep end, i also consumed more than my fair share of baked goods this week. and i loved every bite.

and now, for all the cool stuff i found on the interwebs this week!Image
(umm. hello, adorable!)

(mindy kaling is my spirit animal, y’all.)

(hey, ryan gosling. keep being gorgeous, m’kay?)

also, i found this really cool app for my phone called Noom that lets me track my meals and workouts, and the “coach” helps encourage me throughout the day with fun fitness goals. check it out!