100[ish] things about me

today i’m breaking the blog-silence for a so-much-fun-it-couldn’t-wait post, inspired by my friend alece over at grit & glory. check out her linked posts, have a little fun, & add yours to the mix!

  1. I’ve moved around more times than I can keep track of 
  2. yet my deepest longing is to feel rooted and at home.

  3. I love the idea of traveling
  4. but doing it is exhausting for me;
  5. I’m highly introverted and rather private
  6. but if I were more adventurous, I’d backpack around Europe
  7. or see more of Africa.

  8. I don’t really enjoy cooking
  9. but love to bake
  10. especially gingerbread or pumpkin anything. (#omnomnom)

  11. I love, love, LOVE hashtags–
  12. in an ironic, hipster kind of way.
  13. And I think that Fallon/Timberlake hashtag video is hilarious,
  14. especially because I’m not afraid to poke fun at myself.

  15. Food is my love language–
  16. possibly because I’m half-Italian
  17. but most likely because I’m deeply relational and thrive off connections made around the table.

  18. I used to loathe the taste of alcohol
  19. but have grown to appreciate a good glass of red wine.

  20. I try to carefully choose the words with which I speak
  21. yet I can’t ever stop myself from talking with my hands.
  22. (Did I mention I’m half-Italian?)
  23. If I were a boy, I would have been named Delfino.
  24. Oh, and my dad’s name was Luigi.

  25. My grandfather was the single most important person in my life
  26. and I still haven’t accepted the fact that he’s gone.

  27. I have a strong fear of knives/being stabbed
  28. and an equally strong dislike of black ink.
  29. I don’t really like cheese unless it’s melted
  30. or bread unless it’s toasted/crunchy
  31. or apples unless they’re Granny Smith.

  32. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
  33. I have mini-panic attacks about turning 30 this year,
  34. mostly because I’m nowhere close to the place in life I thought I’d be at this age.
  35. I want to remarry 
  36. and have children (2 or 3),
  37. but sometimes I second-guess that because I really love my sleep.
  38. Like, a lot.
  39. And my personal space.

  40. I’ve always wanted to play guitar
  41. and imagine what it would be like to lead worship.
  42. I love music,
  43. but especially lyrics,
  44. and most especially when I connect with their meaning.
  45. Which is often, because I’m one of those people who seeks meaning in ev. ery. thing.
  46. Seriously. I can’t accept things like coincidence or answers like, “That’s just the way life goes.”

  47. I’m highly organized
  48. and have a mild case of self-diagnosed OCD.
  49. I don’t like even numbers 
  50. and I count stairs when I’m climbing them.

  51. I used to wish I had green eyes
  52. and straight hair.
  53. …Okay. I still wish that.

  54. I like the idea of the outdoors much more than I enjoy the outdoors itself.
  55. I do, however, love the mountains–
  56. looking at them, that is.
  57. And I can’t stand camping
  58. even though I basically camped every day for my four years in Africa.

  59. I can be kind of brooding
  60. and I tend to live in the past or the future instead of the present.
  61. But I’m working on that.

  62. I love to shop,
  63. especially for clothes and purses.
  64. About 85% of my wardrobe is neutrals (think grey or navy),
  65. and I will wear black until they invent something darker.

  66. I journal daily
  67. and will often re-read old entries to remember how far I’ve come.

  68. I’m an idealist
  69. and a hopeless romantic, 
  70. and I waver between conservatism and liberalism, depending on the issue.

  71. I’m extremely independent,
  72. and I’ve been told I’m strong all my life.
  73. Yet some days, I just want to be able to fall apart in someone’s arms,
  74. and there are moments I’m afraid I’ll never have that again.

  75. I don’t like to be cold,
  76. yet I love dressing for cold weather.
  77. I like to be warm,
  78. but I hate to sweat.
  79. I’ve lived in both types of climates (harsh Canadian winters versus humid African tropics), but still don’t know which I’m more suited for.
  80. I wish it were fall all year ‘round.

  81. There are a few moments in my lifetime in which I’ve experienced joy so full it felt like my heart would burst.
  82. Most of those moments were when I was in Liberia.
  83. I contemplate going back every single day. And perhaps I will, at some point. But for now,
  84. I don’t feel ready.
  85. And I’m afraid of being emptied again.

  86. I could eat cereal for every single meal–
  87. except for Cookie Crisp. That stuff is vile.

  88. I’ve never seen Star Wars,
  89. which most people think is an abomination.
  90. Now I just refuse to watch it on principle alone.

  91. I didn’t get my license until I was 20 years old
  92. because the idea of getting behind the wheel used to freak me out, y’all.
  93. Now that I do drive, I’d never give up the freedom that comes with it.

  94. I’ve always been one who loves to learn,
  95. and there are times when I consider going back to school for a Ph.D.
  96. …But I don’t have the time (or finances) to devote to it.

  97. I think my godson is one of the coolest kids in the world,
  98. and I brag about him any chance I get.

  99. I legitimately love my own company,
  100. and I think I’m one of the funniest people I know.

  101. I cry at the drop of a hat
  102. and absolutely wear my heart on my sleeve,
  103. but cannot stand it when people mistake my kindness for weakness.

  104. I hate that I’m ending this list on an even number (see #49)
  105. …That’s better. 

6 thoughts on “100[ish] things about me

  1. This is fantastic! I’m with you on 1, 2, 3 and 4. Also 42, 43 and 44… on 51-53, when I was a kid I wanted to have blond hair, but that’s mostly because I wanted to be He-man! I also wanted to have a tiger to ride everywhere… but now it’s all about the green hair, because then I can run into the forest and be camouflaged.
    With you on 54-56 too, but 88-90? Ouch! But I’ve actually done the same with Titanic…
    Anyways, don’t know if I was supposed to comment in this way – this being your list – but I did. This is a really cool list, thanks so much for sharing. You should come visit Ontario for longer!

    • dan, your comments make me smile and LITERALLY laugh out loud! i am so glad i know you + get to call you family. i would love to make a visit to ontario some day soon to see everyone. it’s been far too long. as soon as i get some free time and extra money, i’ll make my way up there! 🙂

  2. I read this Elena, and felt like we could be sisters in so many ways!!! I totally get you on the numbers thing! I would love to talk more about Africa!

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