thin-spiration: {week six}

update time!

  • weight: down another pound + a half. slow and steady will win this race!
  • i lasted three days on the caffeine detox before i caved and made myself a cup of bustelo. surprisingly, the detox wasn’t as bad as i expected. i only had a few minor headaches, and wasn’t all that cranky. going to try and limit myself to a cup a day from now on.
  • still trying to cut out as many starchy carbohydrates as possible (except for rice, of course. don’t think this african-girl-at-heart could eeeevvverrr make it without rice!) the first five days or so without bread was tough. really tough. but i definitely feel better without it, and am still considering make the official switch to gluten-free (thoughts, anyone?)
  • am learning that healthy food can (and should be!) delicious! still eating a lot of fresh fruits + veggies, greek yogurt for protein, lean meats–and loving it! recently found a great recipe for baked salmon with olive oil and sea salt. OH. MY. GOSH, Y’ALL. so amazingly yummy. seriously; try it!


(it’s so wrong, but i laugh hysterically EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and laughing burns calories, so…)


(guilty. only it was iced pumpkin donut holes. tasty at the time, terrible later on.)


(my inner monologue…daily.)


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