thin-spiration: {week five}

if you read last week’s post, you know that this has been my “fresh start week”. and if you didn’t…well, let me just say i fell off the proverbial wagon and ate copious amounts of chocolate and carbs as an attempt to make it through one of my toughest (non-fitness-related) weeks yet.

but i’m back.
and here are a few updates:

  • weight’s still the same. but i’m okay with that. as long as the number isn’t going up, we’re golden.
  • i’ve begun a detox/fast/cleanse to get rid of stored-up toxins, and it suuuucks. but i’ll be better off for it in the end, so c’est la vie.
  • as part of said cleanse, i’ve cut back on (read: trying to cut out) caffeine, at least for the time being. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. (did i mention this sucks?)
  • have been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and hitting the trails instead of the treadmill. it’s a nice change of pace; sunshine is good for my soul.

finally, here’s some of the good stuff that’s kept me going (and laughing!) enjoy!






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