thin-spiration: {week one}

as i trolled the internet today, looking for thin-spiration to help motivate me through my newest “shed the excess” plan, i found myself rolling my eyes and sighing loudly every couple of seconds. why is it all so…cheesy? looking at a pic of some girl’s rock-hard abs dripping in sweat is not going to inspire me; it’s going to depress me, and i’ll likely end up drowning my sorrows in a pint of ben + jerry’s, so good job, internet. and all those “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” photos? umm, no. let’s be real here. pizza tastes as good as thin feels. and so does nutella, and cheese fries, and and and…

i don’t want to be a fitness model, and i’ve had it up to here with the disgustingly cliché tag lines. i want to be me–just a healthier version.

so here are a few things i found to help inspire me during week one:

Image   Image


and my personal favorite:


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