on being enough {a post for the overcome the lie blog tour}

{Recently, my dear friend (and internet soul-sister) Ashley started a movement called Overcome the Lie, dedicated to empowering a generation of women to overcome the lies we are bombarded with by looking to Jesus, the One who has already overcome the grave. I feel beyond honored to be a part of this community of women who love, serve, and seek after the Truth. You can follow Overcome the Lie on Twitter and like them on Facebook.}


Brooke sat in the desk directly in front of me in our fourth grade classroom. She only spoke to me when necessary, like to ask for an extra pencil or to copy my notes. People like Brooke simply didn’t associate with people like me. She was beautiful. She was popular. She was charming. And me? Well, I wasn’t.

I’d sit there, day after day, my eyes fixated on the back of her head, her long blonde hair like a silk waterfall flowing over her shoulders. I’d listen to her laugh at all the boys who were stumbling over themselves to impress her with a joke or some funny antic. One day, when I was supposed to be reading, I put my head down on my desk and cried quietly while feelings of shame and inadequacy washed over me. It just didn’t seem fair. Why couldn’t I have been somebody like Brooke? I’d silently ask. Why did I have to be stuck being Elena? What’s wrong with me? 

It was then, at that very moment, that I first came face-to-face with the lie that would haunt me for the next twenty years. “There is something wrong with you,” it whispered to me. “You’re ugly. You’ll never be like Brooke. You’re nothing. You are not enough.”

That lie has stuck with me every day since then. As I’ve grown in both maturity and my faith-walk, I’ve learned the Truth and learned to fight to listen to His voice alone. But some days are still really difficult. At times, the lie’s power over me is so strong that I feel crippled. I refuse to look in mirrors because I feel disgusted with what I see. I hide myself away behind closed doors because I don’t feel I have anything to offer the rest of the world. I figure if only I were thinner/prettier/smarter/funnier, more, better, somehow, then I could finally prove my value; I’d finally feel like I was worth something.

This has taught me that sometimes our feelings, as real and true as they may seem, lie to us. Sometimes they tell us things about ourselves that don’t line up with what God, the source of all Truth, tells us. Sometimes we need to recognize the lies for the falsehoods that they are, and we need to make the choice to listen to Jesus instead.

Because Jesus would never call me ugly. Jesus would never tell me I’m worthless. He looks at me and sees value because of His Spirit alive inside me. He sees a masterpiece, handcrafted, woven together in the secret place by hands that never make a mistake.

My feelings will tell me that I’m not enough, that I don’t measure up. My Father tells me I am enough, just as I am, that I don’t need to strive to be accepted or adequate. I am His beautiful creation, and He has called all that His hands made good.

The same is true for you, dear one. Perhaps you have struggled with the very same lie that has followed me all these years. If so, please hear me when I tell you the truth: You have infinite value and worth that comes from your Maker. You are accepted. You are adequate. You are enough. Live every day in the joy and the fullness of that truth. Write in on the tablet of your heart; let it sink down into the depths of your soul. You are enough. No matter your jean size, the color of your skin, your age, your accomplishments. No matter your career choice, the mistakes you have made, your failures, your feelings. No matter what the media tells you, what the mirror tells you, what the enemy of your soul tells you. You are enough. Because that is how He sees you. Because He lovingly made you. Because His is the final say.

more than enough - elena{Do you want to order your very own copy of this adorable print? Head on over to the Overcome the Lie online store + treat yourself!}

What about you? Have you struggled with any lies in your own life? How can Overcome the Lie pray for you and help you to see the truth? Reach out and let us know. You are not alone! xo


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