the thief of joy


for months now, i’ve been fighting the comparison battle, day in and day out. some moments, i feel strong, and i’m able to keep my head and confidence high. others, i grow weak and start thinking that i’m not at all who or what i want to be, who or what i thought i would be, who or what i’m “supposed” to be. i look around at friends, family, acquaintances, measure their accomplishments and achievements against my own, and i wonder what i’m doing wrong.

i find it no coincidence that i’ve also seen the above quote everywhere i turn these days. i know it’s for me; i know i’m meant to read it. i get it, Holy Spirit. i understand.

every time i compare my life, my story with another’s, i believe the lie that tells me i am not enough. but if i’m confident that i have enough and that i am enough, my heart is at peace. comparison truly is the thief of joy because it draws attention to my perceived lack. 

and that void, that emptiness, that lack is simply not true. i am enough because He who made me is enough. my story is beautiful and one of a kind because it’s being written by an Author who is both beautiful and unique. the journey is more important than the destination, and i may not be where i want to be, but at least i’m not where i was.

how about you? have you ever struggled with comparison? what would it look like if you stopped believing the lies + embraced the truth?


8 thoughts on “the thief of joy

  1. “My story is beautiful and one of a kind because it’s being written by an Author who is both beautiful and unique. the journey is more important than the destination.”

    Oh my word, this is so beautiful, Elena. We all have those moments, don’t we? Comparison can make people feel really really small, but what I’ve learned is that instead of comparing ourselves with other people, it is much better to look at our worthlessness alongside the worth that Jesus has placed on us by dying on the Cross. Because at the end of the day, that’s where our true value lies. 🙂

  2. This is beautifully put. Thank you, we are all enough. It seems so hard to say it, but it’s sooooo true. We are not more than those we compare ourselves to (that’ll kill your joy too) we are not more than. We;re made unique for a purpose. when we start to compare we lose sight of that. Thank you Thank you.

  3. this post was much needed for me. right now this is exactly what i am going through. not as much struggling with comparison, as that used to be a huge thing for me and i really feel i’ve recieved freedom from it, but trying to figure out where i am supposed to be or what im supposed to be according to others accomplishments & achievements.. not according to my own goals & wants. my passions.

    sometimes we get sucked under for days, weeks, months into the lies even though our heart knows the truth. but i don’t feel we could really embrace the truth if we never had a grasp on the lies.

    but when we pick our heads back up, it only propels us foward. being able to spot lies easier & quicker. being able to be better, and exactly what we want to be.

    love you sweet girl, thank you for sharing.

    • oh, you sweet thang, thanks SO much for your words. i see the lies, and i know they’re lies, and the only way to fight them is with Truth. it’s just so dang hard, ya know?!

      love you oodles. so grateful for you. xo

  4. Joy is my one word this year, and I have this quote on my notice board. It’s a common pitfall for me, to judge myself by the gifting and achievements of people around me, instead of by what God has called me to. And then to know that even when I fall short, his grace is still sufficient.

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