friday favorites: january 18, 2013

sorry i haven’t posted any friday faves for the last few weeks, but things have been kind of busy, what with me traveling halfway across the world and all. (smiley-face emoticon goes here.) but i’m back + better than ever, so let’s get this party started!

favorite blog post: this letter from kristen at rage against the minivan to controversial mars hill pastor mark driscoll. it’s smart, to the point, and FIERCE, y’all.
Some of us don’t find shame to be a spiritual motivator. A whole bunch of us think that you are misrepresenting Christ. And we’re talking about it, because we think it’s damaging.

favorite tweet: this one by @Jenna_Marbles made me literally LOL.
Every time I see a hot guy I think about how awesome it would be to make his sandwiches.

favorite song: i’ve been listening to will reagan’s newest album on repeat + have fallen in love with track 2, Give Me a Song. check it out–pretty sure you’ll love it as much as i do!
I will lift my hands if my hands fail me; I will bend my knees if my knees grow weak. I’ll raise my voice and I will sing: I know that you love me.

favorite photo: this shot of me + my sweet little Jumah-girl outside of her orphanage. she spent nearly an hour braiding and unbraiding my hair, running her fingers through it and kissing me on top of my head. i’m pretty sure my heart turned to absolute mush; i LOVE this sweet little one!


favorite food: since i’m back in Liberia, my diet consists mainly of rice and soups, the staple food here. i have been OBSESSED with collard greens over rice, cooked with Liberian pepper, and topped with fried plantains. i’ve also been eating a lot of fresh pineapple as well, and even enjoyed some tasty passion-fruit from the vine growing right outside my house.

favorite scripture: 2 corinthians 1.nine. lately, i’ve been praying for God to show Himself strong on my behalf, and this verse is so encouraging to me. it reminds me that nothing is impossible for Him, and where human ability fails, there is space for Him to step in and do miracles!

how about you guys? what were some of your favorite things from this week? i’d love to hear from you! xo

One thought on “friday favorites: january 18, 2013

  1. My favorite thing from this week was getting to work on a special project at work, it didn’t end up being as exciting as I thought it would be but I still felt honored to be a part of it.

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