the limp

this morning i was reading the story of Jacob and his wrestling match with the God-man, found in Genesis 32. at the end of the struggle, his hip is disjointed, and Jacob, he who once grasped his brother’s heel, walks with a limp from that point on.

as i read, i was reminded of an interesting fact. i once heard that the ligaments attached to the hip are some of the strongest and toughest in the human body.

today, i can’t help but notice the significance that it  was there where Jacob was touched. sometimes, God has to put His finger on our strongholds so that we might be changed. Jacob walked away from his encounter forever different, and with a limp to prove it. he who was once ‘deceiver’ became Israel, patriarch of God’s chosen.

this is extremely encouraging to me, as i recount all the things God has touched in my life through the years, as i notice for the first time my own limp as a battle-scar from all the times i have wrestled. i wonder::  if something hurts when it’s taken from us, perhaps we were holding on to it too tightly.  the loss might actually be a blessing, for when we let go of that which we clutch, our empty hands can be filled by the God who blessed Jacob, the same God who blesses today.


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