you are good

since i’ve been back in Liberia, i’ve had a song that keeps running through my head and resounding in my heart. i wake up in the morning humming its tune, and the lyrics course through my thoughts all day, like blood flowing through veins.

it’s called you are good, and it has become a sort of anthem for me, a reminder, a psalm, a prayer. you are good. it’s not just a song. it is truth, and my soul has anchored itself to those three little words. you. are. good.

“your goodness knows no bounds; your goodness never stops.” he is altogether good, good beyond my comprehension, good beyond any explanation. he can be nothing other than good; goodness is his nature, and it surpasses any limitation that my finite self places on him. i give him boundaries because that’s what i do with things i cannot explain, things that are far greater than i. but he doesn’t stay there. his goodness knows no bounds, and it never, ever stops.

“your mercy follows me.”  his mercy is good, and it endures forever. when i’m in the States, his mercy is with me. when i’m in Liberia, his mercy is with me. when i am teaching or talking or praying or sinning or leading or laughing, his mercy is with me. there truly is no place that i can go in which i am not in his presence. his mercy follows me, and it is so, so good.

“your kindness fills my life; your love amazes me.” in every area of my life–the good and the bad, the joy and pain, the beautiful and the messy–His lovingkindness is there. and yes, it truly amazes me. when i think about the life i’ve lived, the choices i’ve made, the person i was, i can hardly believe that holy Love pursued me. but it did, and it won me over. and i stand in awe, until the weight of His great kindness is so heavy that it draws me to my knees.

and so there i stay. and i pray, and i sing, and He is good, still good, always, always good.


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