out with the old + in with the new

i can’t believe you’ve already come and gone, 2012. you were a whirlwind, to be sure. i remember catching a first glimpse of your face while sitting in my mother’s living room in snowy canada. i had no idea what you would bring me, but i welcomed you with open arms, especially after the rough year i had just been through. you were a breath of fresh air; you hinted at new beginnings and better things to come, and you smelled sweet, like a promise.

you taught me so much, and as i look back and remember you, i am grateful for every lesson you brought my way.

in you, i learned how to forgive. i learned to make peace with my past, to accept what was and move on from it.

i learned what healing felt like. i learned that it’s so rarely an instantaneous thing, but instead a quiet and powerful journey one must walk through.

i learned about grace, and it changed everything for me. i learned to see others with new eyes and love the Jesus in them.

i learned to be thankful, to count the gifts of my days, whether they were easy or painful. i learned to seek the good in all things, even when it hurt, even when it was hidden from the surface.

i learned what it felt like to have my heart stretched, to experience growing pains that i may love deeper, wilder, harder.

i learned.

twenty-twelve, you were good to me, even when i didn’t see it.

and now you’ve gone, and twenty-thirteen has taken your place.

i have much hope for the coming year. despite uncertainty and butterflies in the stomach from not knowing what it will hold, i trust i can walk into this new year with hope.

i hope to keep living a better story, and to write out all the parts of it, beautiful, ugly, and everywhere in between.

i hope to see redemption and restoration in ways beyond my wildest dreams.

i hope to finish well, to accept change and new beginnings with confidence and anticipation.

i hope to keep saying thank you.

i hope for more grace, more love, more Jesus.

i hope.

the old has gone, and the new has come, and i will look ahead
and hope.


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