i am thankful. (and sometimes, not so much.)

a few months back, i started keeping my very own gratitude journal (inspired by Ann Voskamp, of course!) each morning, before i do anything else, i open the black notebook and add to the list of what i am thankful for. it ranges from simple things that make my heart smile (#225: vegetables bright in a bowl, for example) to heaven-sent gifts that settle deep down in my soul (#317: His Word on fire [Isaiah 54]).

as we approached Thanksgiving, i started noticing lots of friends on Facebook and Twitter keeping their own lists and sharing them amongst friends. i counted it as another gift (#668). i felt connected to people from all over the world who were choosing to see the gift in every moment and take it as grace, thanking the Father for all that comes from His hand.

some days, it’s not easy, though. some days, the gifts are shrouded in circumstance and problems and bills and questions and illness. some days, i get spiritual amnesia, and i forget. forget to give thanks. to seek the good. to follow the Light.

some days, i am simply human.

and i need to remind myself that it is okay. i am learning, still figuring out how to live this crazy-beautiful eucharisteo in a world that doesn’t allow me to slow down enough to count my blessings.

some days, i am thankful. and some days, not so much.

perhaps you can relate. and if so, hear me when i assure you it’s okay. you too are learning. you too are on this journey, and the process is what really matters, and it’s in the in-between that we are transformed.

we are learning. we are growing. and for that, i am thankful.


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