friday favorites: november 9, 2012

hello, my lovelies! welcome back to another edition of friday favorites! here are some things that made me happy this week.

favorite blog post: “Thank you, India. Thank you, Ammachi. Thank you, Ann Voskamp”  on SheLoves
“Who knew that my thin place could be a portal between two worlds: the holy and the mundane! To think that I’ve just been too fatigued and numb to recognize the “serendipitous territories” laying lusciously before me. I’d kill for a chance to get a glimpse into eternity.”

favorite tweet: by @TheDairylandDon
“BRB. Picking out the right sweatpants to wear on Thanksgiving.”

favorite photo: this. found it on Pinterest. i feel like everyone needs to see it.

favorite song: i’ve been falling back in love with John Mark McMillan this week, and Seen a Darkness has been on repeat.
“You have called us loved, and You have called us wanted; at one time we were bruised, we were bankrupt and haunted.”

favorite food: pumpkin frozen yogurt. #omnomnom you can even make your own: 1 cup greek yogurt | 1 cup pumpkin puree | 1 tablespoon sugar (can substitute pure maple syrup for sugar) | 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (recipe can be found on babble)

favorite scripture: Isaiah 55: 7. He is the God who freely pardons!

favorite purchase: this adorable mug from Target, on clearance for $2! i’ve been waiting weeks for this one to get marked down. me loves it–because let’s be honest; you can never have too many coffee mugs!

that’s it from me–but i want to hear from you! what were some of your favorite things this week?


2 thoughts on “friday favorites: november 9, 2012

  1. i was honored to add you to my list, dear friend! your post on SheLoves was simply beautiful!

    i’ve been keeping my own gratitude journal for the past several months; i’ll be sure to add some of my own to your list!


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