friday favorites: november 2, 2012

i think the title is pretty self-explanatory for this one. here are some of my very favoritest things from this past week. enjoy, and don’t forget to check back next Friday!

favorite blog post: “then i like being naive” by SeePrestonBlog
“Perhaps if it is naive to believe that the way forward in these conversations is around a table where we respect one another and then share in the communion of Christ, then I like being naive.”

favorite tweet: by @__rachchristine
“I still can’t believe I haven’t seen a single #bindersofwomen Halloween costume. Such a waste.”

favorite photo: this fake Sandy pic that showed up on twitter, courtesty of @_shamani

favorite song: Lovers’ Eyes by Mumford and Sons
“I’ll walk slow; I’ll walk slow; take my hand; help me on my way.”

favorite food: surprisingly, the award goes to Trader Joe’s Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle flatbread pizza. i wasn’t sure about this one, since i’m not particularly a fan of mushrooms, but my tastebuds were pleasantly surprised!

favorite scripture: Habakkuk 2:4. it even inspired me to write a blog post, which you can read here.

favorite gift: a beautiful box of Raymond Waites’ honeysuckle magnolia scented votive candles. they smell sweet yet light, and the packaging is simply lovely. i’d take a photo, but it wouldn’t do it justice. sorry, y’all.

favorite purchase: i bought the cutest eight-pack of hair barrettes at a Walmart in Virginia for $3. muted metals with etched flowers that also do a great job of holding my hair back? yes, please!

that’s it from me! hopefully you guys enjoyed this week’s Friday Favorites. see you next week! xo


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