i read through the book of Habakkuk this morning, three chapters that i’ve always found solace in. Habakkuk was a pretty cool guy–relatable. transparent. real before the Lord. he was honest with his questions and complaints, but he was also humble enough to wait, listen, and pray.

today, i keep going back to the fourth verse in chapter two::
“but the person in right standing before God, through loyal and steady believing, is fully alive, really alive.”

today, this morning, right now at this very moment, i am alive in the truest sense of the word. my heart is beating, life-blood swimming through my veins. i am alert, awake, in tune. i bow low; i pray; i wait.

this life He gives, full and abundant, rich and true, depends not in the least on me.
it is given despite circumstance and emotion and what my physical eyes can see. it is given through clean hands, a pure heart, a walk of faith, fighting this battle on my knees.

the truth is: i have no idea how to really live. not on my own, not by myself. but i do have loyal and steady belief in God, the God of Habakkuk, the God who hears the questions and doubts, the God who answers.

i believe. and streams of living water flow from within me.
and so i’m alive. fully, really alive. forever alive.

today, may we celebrate life, and may we choose to live it well.

2 thoughts on “[a]live

  1. thank you – i need to remember today that it doesn’t matter what i accomplish or have to offer, but that it matters whether i love Him. and now i’m inspired to go read habakkuk again… 🙂

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