in the waiting

ever had your hopes up only to have them disappointed? yeah, me too.

ever felt like it was God who let you down? yeah. me too.

i’ve had Him promise some wild and crazy things to me, things that my logical and rational mind dismiss. “there is no way,” it says. “impossible.” 
but my faith and hope have grown strong over the years. they say yes, even to that which seems to make no sense.

then comes the waiting. it’s easy at first. firm faith, high hopes. the wait is filled with expectancy and anticipation.

and then…time goes on. i’m still waiting. faith wavers, hope disappears. doubt creeps in.
“maybe i heard Him wrong.”
“maybe it really is impossible.”
“maybe. … but maybe not.”

lately, i’ve been in this place. i’ve waited such a long time, and my heart has all but given up hope.

but today, as i spent some time in worship and prayer, i heard Him. He promised–again.

“[I’m] giving you  new vision, renewed hope. I didn’t tell you to lay that down. I didn’t tell you you had to give it up. I didn’t tell you it was impossible. Behold, nothing is impossible for me. No promise that I have made shall ever turn up void, for my words are true. [I am] reviving that dream in your heart. Believe it. Receive it.”

He promised. again. and so the waiting begins. again.
i don’t know how long this wait will be. i don’t know how long i’ll have my strong faith, my eager hope. i don’t know how long.

but i know Him.
i know He is faithful.

what about you? what dreams has He placed in your heart that have been laid to rest? how long has it been?

perhaps you’ve grown weary in the waiting, as i have. perhaps it seems too good to be true, too big to be possible.
but perhaps, just maybe, you can pause for a minute and hear Him promise…again. He who can do all things, who makes everything new, who can simply breathe on dry bones and have them raised up–He is the one who promises.

“He gives life to the dead, and calls things that are not as though they were.” (Romans 4:17)

believe it. receive it.
just as He promised me, He has promised you.

wait with me. and we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.
He promised.


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