[thoughts on] moving forward

as days fly by, i am becoming increasingly aware of a specific date on my calendar, circled big in blue ink, a mere seven weeks away.

december 10th. my birthday. i’ll be (gulp) 29.

i mean, there’s nothing wrong with 29. except for…well, you know, it’s ALMOST THIRTY.

in a way, i’ve always looked forward to turning thirty. i always had a feeling those years are going to be the prime of my life. (they have to be better than my twenties were, right?)

the thing is, even though i look forward to thirty, i can’t get there without going through the big 29. the last year of my twenties. a year that, for some unknown reason, kind of scares the hell out of me.

but this i know:: we can’t ever move on to bigger and better without saying goodbye to something else. it’s the universal exchange. we let go of one thing so that we may grab hold of another. it’s progress, moving forward, keeping our eyes focused on what’s before us. it can be scary, and we often feel unsure. but as the brilliant c.s. lewis put it, “there are far, far better things ahead than any that we leave behind.”

and it’s true. as i look back over my years, i see that it’s true. so i’ve made up my mind that i will do what i can to embrace 29, with a hopeful heart and thankfulness for all that i’ve learned in the years before it. i will walk into 29 with determination, strength, and grace. i will wear my 29 years proudly, a badge of honor, a rosary ‘round my neck. i will take from it what comes, and i will live it well.

and most importantly, i will keep moving. one step at a time, forward, forward, always forward.

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