“you make it clear that you are a letter from Christ…you are a letter written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God. you are a letter written not on tablets made out of stone but on human hearts.” (2 corinthians 3.3, emphasis mine)

you are living out a story
for all the world to see.
a story of joy
and pain
and strength
and struggle
and beauty
and redemption.

your life is a story.
every moment is another chapter
in this great big narrative being written
by a Great Big Author.

be encouraged, friends;
for no matter where you are in your story
[even if it appears messy and ugly at the moment],
your story still matters.
the painful parts are still important.
and every chapter can be used
by the One who works all things together for good.

*for another great post on this subject, check out ‘beautiful stories’ by marc grimes.

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