[why we] write

i read this great blog post recently about writers & why we do what we do.

it got me thinking. seriously.
why do i write?

it took me a while to come up with an answer, some sort of explanation as to why i continually tear myself open and spill out all my words, over and over again.

i write because there’s a constant ache in my chest, and words are the only things that relieve the pressure.
i write because my pen bleeds all the things i can’t figure out how to otherwise say.

i write because the ability to do so is a gift i’ve been given, and i want to use it well.
i write because i have to, because it’s what makes me come alive.

what about you? join the conversation.
why do you write?

2 thoughts on “[why we] write

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about this same topic, and I’ve come up with several reasons I write, such as hoping that by putting my thoughts and feelings into words I may be able to express things others cannot quite explain. The main reason though, the one I keep coming back to, is that I write because I cannot NOT write.

    • so true! it’s a great feeling when someone is able to identify with what you’ve written. it makes one feel…connected.
      and i agree; i can’t help BUT write. i have no idea what i’d do without it.

      thanks for your thoughts!

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