to my younger self: [ten]

today’s post was written by a sweet and courageous friend of mine named Amy. she’s 41 and a Christian, mom, friend, fiancee, aunt, sister. Amy is also a self-professed lover of words, cheese, photographs, and water.

To my younger self,

I want to write you great words of wisdom, expound on the pitfalls you will encounter and steer you away from painful, tragic mistakes you will make.
I want to tell you:: speak up for yourself (so that your step-father wont keep doing those horrible things to you), don’t take that drive (that will end up paralyzing your baby), don’t walk in that house (where you will be raped). I want to give you a sense of worth that no one showed you as a child.
But I can’t.

Nothing I say here or to you will make a difference. For one thing, you wouldn’t listen to me. (haha)
Well, maybe one thing will make a difference:: Hold on.
You will believe at some points that it just hurts too much…but you are stronger than you think and you will get through it. You are smart and you know that…but you are also very afraid and you don’t know that. You have so much value…and you think you know that but you don’t.

So keep making mistakes and keep trying to be a better person. Keep smiling and keep crying, keep loving and keep hurting because that means you are alive and really living. Most importantly, keep reaching out to God because He is closer than you know and cares more about you than you can imagine.

your older, wiser, cuter self

do you want to share some words with your younger self? i’m still looking for submissions! it can be a letter, a poem, a picture—whatever you need[ed] to hear.
send your work to elena[dot]pellizzaris[at]yahoo[dot]com, and include a brief bio with whatever contact details you want published (facebook, twitter, blog address, etc.)

*to read more about the ‘to my younger self’ project, click here.

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