chapter 11

i was sitting in my living room two weeks ago when i heard Him speak: “read Hosea.” 
and i’m going to be honest: i was kind of a jerk.
“why? i’ve read Hosea. like a million times. i mean, come on, God. i know what happens.”
still, it was there, lingering in the depths of my heart like a heavy echo.
“read Hosea.”
so what did i do? i read Hosea.

day after day i read page after page, immersing myself in study, praying for a fresh outlook on…well, whatever the reason was that God told me to read Hosea.

and then. chapter 11.
i read it and found myself literally weeping by the last verse. and so i read it again. and again.
and this is what i began to write.

THIS. this is the epitome of the entire story. it’s where the tides turn. it’s where everything changes.
for chapter after chapter, i’ve read all about Israel’s [ie: ours] sin. it’s been rehashed and gone over many times in many verses. and i’ve found myself agreeing with God–“yes! punish them! they deserve it!”even with my knowledge that i am no better,  that i AM Gomer and Israel. (when the details of my wickedness are scrawled across the page in crude black ink for all to see, it hurts.)

but then. chapter 11.
‘God’s love for Israel.’ for Gomer. for everyone. for me.
i can hear the sadness and pain in his voice. and yet–
i can also see his love soaking every. single. word. 
i can see the tender heart of the Father for his child. he saw his son was in bondage so he gently, lovingly stooped down to the son’s level to break him free.
the Father was patient, and kind: he loved the child, led him, fed him…
but the son wanted to run off. do his own thing. he had a Father who loved him more than he could ever know, but still, he rejected that love. still, he was determined to leave. 

but then. chapter 11.
his love conquers all.
all his compassion is aroused.
his love is greater than his wrath,
and he says that his heart is changed within him.

beloved, on that cross, chapter 11 was fulfilled. it is my prayer that you will rejoice today in a God that is not angry, for the punishment has been paid. in a God whose heart bleeds with love.
for you.
all throughout chapter 11…
and beyond.


One thought on “chapter 11

  1. Reblogged this on InHisName and commented:
    It’s so cool when God speaks to you and leads you in the Bible to just where he needs you to read. God speaks through his living word.

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