Robertsport retreat

Here in Liberia, a popular get-away destination for expats is Robertsport, a town close to the Sierra Leone border with beautiful beaches, good surf spots, and a laid-back lifestyle (especially compared with the busy bustle of Monrovia.) 

This past week, the Orphan Relief and Rescue gang took a three-day trip to Robertsport for a mini-retreat of sorts. There was team-building. Bonfires. Sunshine. Surf. Swimming. Exploring. Sunsets. Seafood. Relaxation. Sightseeing. It was the perfect way to get some rest and take an opportunity to refresh and refocus after an extremely difficult month or so for those of us on the field team. 

Here are a few photos from our trip. (If you want to see more, you can add me on Facebook and check out my Liberia albums.) 


            (one thing i love about Liberia: random goats EVERYWHERE!)


                                                 (the road to Robertsport)


                                (see…i told you the sunsets were amazing!)


                                                    (picture perfect)


                                  (the famous cotton tree in Robertsport)


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