to my younger self: what would you say?

i’ve been feeling introspective lately—more so than usual, that is. thinking about my story, marveling at the parts i wasn’t so sure that i’d survive. in awe of how the pieces somehow come together, the present woven together with scraps of everything that is past.

so i wrote a little note to my younger self. you can read it here.

and now that i’m older/wiser, now that i can look back with a maturity that wasn’t there before, i’m finding that there are actually a lot of things i’d like to say to my younger self if i could. so i’ll be starting a new blog series called to my younger self. and i’d love your help.

see, i’m pretty sure that most of us have things we know now that we wish we knew then. lessons learned. things we would have done differently. words of encouragement. whatever. we all have a voice, and we all have a story—and i’d be honored for you to share a piece of yours.

so what would you say, if you could go back in time and spend a few moments with the person you were then? it could be a poem. free verse. a letter. a picture. whatever it is that you need[ed] to hear.

send your submission to elena[dot]pellizzaris[at]yahoo[dot]com, and be sure to include a brief bio (along with any contact details you want published: blog address, facebook, twitter, etc.)

i am SO looking forward to hearing from you.



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