today i prayed that my heart would remain soft, that it would continue to break for the things that break the Father’s. 

today i watched a grieving auntie mourn the second of her nephews that has died in less than two years. 

today i witnessed the scene of a terrible car accident, where the lifeless, bloody and broken body of a young man lay sprawled in the middle of the road. 

today i held the hand of an orphaned teenage girl so starved for attention and love that she wouldn’t leave my side for two hours, and begged me not to go when it came time to leave the home. 

today i feel the heaviness of a world that it is so frail, so dark, so broken

today i can’t stop the tears from coming. 

today all i can say is, “Jesus, come.” 

you’re the God of this city; you’re the king of these people; you’re the Lord of this nation;

you are.

you’re the light in this darkness; you’re the hope to the hopeless; you’re the peace to the restless; 

you are. 


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