On earth as it is in heaven.

(Disclaimer: today’s “blog” is also a little bit of a “rant”, which may make you a bit uncomfortable. And for that, I am sorry.
But I will not, on the other hand, apologize for speaking out and speaking Truth. For today’s “blog” is also somewhat of a “plea”, one that I believe comes straight from the Father’s heart.
No, I am not in the least bit sorry for that.)

I think we all can agree that there’s something wrong with the world that we’re living in.

Seriously. Take a moment to think about it. I’m going to throw out a few terms; ask yourself how you feel while reading them.
Crime. Injustice. Poverty. Disease. Prejudice. Oppression. Homelessness. Addiction. 
Did hearing those give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside? No! Of course not. Our reaction to words like that is negative because, whether we comprehend it or not, something deep within us knows that it isn’t right.

As a Christian, I can understand where it went wrong. Once upon a time, there was a garden, a utopia, and a disgusting serpent known as the Deceiver. And then Adam and Eve ate the apple and because of that, evil entered the world. I’ve heard it a million times; everywhere I turn, I hear pastors shouting at me about my “original sin.” And I’m not saying that they’re wrong; please understand that. But I am saying that the Church tends to get so hung up on sin and evil and all of our failures that sadly, they forget to tell the whole Story.

It doesn’t end in the garden, with Adam and Eve walking away in shame. It doesn’t end with God throwing in the towel; He’s not “up there in Heaven” wringing His hands, lamenting that there was nothing more He could do. Doesn’t anyone understand how silly that sounds? He is God—I AM THAT I AM. He restores; He rebuilds; He redeems! He became the Second Adam (1 Cor. 15.45), which means that “the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for all men” (Romans 5.18). Jesus reversed what Adam had done. Why is THAT not being preached from the pulpit?! That is the Gospel, the Good News; that is “the Messiah has come!”

What does all this mean, then? It means that what is wrong with our world doesn’t have to be our reality any longer. Think about it; there are billions of professing Christ-followers all over the world. Billions. What would it look like if each one of us started doing something, anything? If we took a moment to smile at a stranger? Feed a homeless man? Stand up for human rights? Hug the woman going through a divorce? Intercede for the nations? Support a missionary? Pray for someone who is hurting? Sponsor a hungry child? Can you even begin to imagine what an impact that would have?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not content to simply stand silent. “On earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus flat-out told us that this is how we should pray—which must mean that it’s possible…or else He’s a liar.

Are you hungry for justice, thirsting for righteousness? Me too. So please, for the love of all things holy, please; let’s start doing something about it.

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