(i’m sure this list will be ever-evolving—just like me. and i like it that way.)

Sell a piece of art I created
Publish my writing
Become a mother
Go to Africa
Write a poem for someone

Have someone write a poem for me
Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Live in another country
Find “Mr. Right”
Visit Israel
Visit Italy
Speak Italian (semi) fluently
Read the entire Bible
Stomp on grapes (ie, make some wine!)
Go on a wine-tasting tour
Get a tattoo
See a starfish
Surf a wave
Learn how to dance
Talk to a complete stranger about Jesus
Mentor someone
Make the perfect cup of coffee
Donate blood
Make something that I pinned on Pinterest
Meet a celebrity
Sing on a worship team
Learn how to play the guitar
Be debt-free
Read the entire Narnia series
Write a novel
Get a book deal
See live comedy
Apologize to someone I have hurt
Fully forgive someone who has hurt me
Rescue a puppy from the shelter
Run a 5K
Receive flowers at work
Teach a child how to read
See the Northern Lights
Laugh so hard that I cry
Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
Teach a theology class
Learn how to use Photoshop 


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