your story about africa and liberia really resonates with me. i was just in benin a month and a half ago and i did not want to come back. i knew i was leaving my heart there and i'm desperate for God to send me back. i'm in the stages of just waiting to hear Him but i feel ready to drop everything to be there in a heartbeat. anyway, thanks for your post, happy anniversary, and may God live out His will in your life!!

hi, there!
thanks for your kind note. i know how hard it is to be in that in-between stage; when i left Liberia the first time, i had planned to go back as soon as possible. but God had something else in mind, and i ended up having to wait an entire year. it was so difficult but, looking back, i see how necessary that time was. He sent me back at exactly the right time—and not a moment before.

i’ll be praying for you, as you’re in the waiting phase. be encouraged: He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it! 


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