Things are very tense in Liberia this week as the presidential elections are set to take place on Tuesday, October 11th. This election is crucial; peace has been maintained for eight years due to the UN intervention in 2003 and the 2005 election of current President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She has ushered Liberia into healing and development and is now running against candidates who could either continue this peace process or disrupt it. The unknown is daunting to many who live and work in Liberia. Political unrest is a huge part of Liberia’s past, and there is tension on every front as people try to get their candidate voted in.

In addition, there is an enormous spiritual battle going on amidst this election process. People are committing human sacrifices because they believe it will appease the gods that they worship and gain more power for their cause. On the other side, Christian groups are praying hard for God’s highest to be done for their people and for the peace process to continue.

We are asking you to please pray continually this week for God’s highest will to be done in Liberia. Pray that:

  • the person who would make the best president for the country would be elected
  • the losing opponents and their supporters would accept the results without causing unrest
  • extra protection would be upon the children who tend to be targets for child sacrifices

We cannot express enough how grateful we are to each of you who give towards our efforts to help the children in Liberia. We cannot do this without you. If you are not currently, we ask that you please consider donating today.  



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