renewed hope.

we’ve all had “one of those days”: you’re not yourself, everything seems too much to handle, you just kind of want to…give up.

today’s been one of those days for me. i’m sad. slightly bitter. confused. lonely. but most of all, i’m just so weary. weary of the waiting, weary of hoping in the unseen, always the unseen… (when do i get to finally see it, Lord?!)

so this morning, i stood at the altar, knees weak and tears flowing. starving for my manna, desperate for something i could cling to.

and then He spoke. and He promised—again.

what is dead will be brought to life. what is ashes will rise. what is cast aside will be carried home. what has been cut off will be restored. what has been uprooted will be rebuilt.

i will not allow you to let your hope die, dear one. it must be renewed, even now…come awake!

am i still sad? yeah, a little. am i still lonely and confused and even a little weary? yes, i am. but this i know to be true: hope that is seen is no hope at all (Romans 8.24).


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