it’s early afternoon, and i am drinking coffee, reading “one thousand gifts”. silent tears stream down my face as my soul shakes within me under the weight of utter beauty and truth. and my heart starts singing, keeps singing, the same refrain it’s sung for days. i am Yours. i am Yours. for all my days, Jesus, i am Yours.

God is doing something in me. i sense the awakening. He is singing, too. and i can see, i can feel, all beauty, hope, promise, peace. He whispers.

now you are starting to see. now you can catch a glimpse of yourself through the lens of Love. this is only the beginning. i have so much more. you—yes, you—are the delight of my very heart, dear one. all beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you (Song of Songs 4.7).

and i weep, and i try to write it all, capture this moment in ink and finality. but i keep losing it. so at last, i put the pen down and simply listen. for, really, there are not enough of my little words in my little mouth to describe how it feels to have a Love like that.


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