thankful: thirty

today i had an impromptu job interview. seriously. i had applied several weeks ago and just heard back from them today. they said they had some part time openings (ummm, perfect!) available and wanted to know if i could come in for an interview. the whole thing just made me chuckle and shake my head; i’ve spent days anxious and worried about finances, doubting God—and then He comes through in the most unexpected of ways. (no, i don’t have the job…yet. but i’m believing that i will!)

anyway, one thing i’ve found since i’ve been home and interviewing for work is that people are very interested in hearing about my time in Liberia. it’s not even from an employment standpoint; they’re just curious and have lots of questions. and they all say the same thing: “wow. what an awesome experience.” and it’s true. it really was an incredible experience.

so that got me thinking. i realize that God, in the way only He can, is using my experience(s) in Liberia to pave the way for me here at home. but it goes even deeper than that. see, we all go through many experiences in life. some are joyous, others heartwrenching. but He uses them all.

today, Jesus, i thank you for the experiences you’ve given me in life. i’m thankful for the trials and the tears, the fire and the pain, just as much as i’m thankful for the bliss and the laughter. thank you that you truly do work all things together for good. you take hurt and heartbreak and you use those experiences to make something beautiful. i am utterly thankful for that.

c.s. lewis is quoted as saying, “experience: that most brutal of teachers. but you learn. my God, do you learn.” how very true. i would be nothing of the woman i am today without the experiences i have been through. again, all i can do is breathe a prayer of thankfulness for that. teach me, Lord, to not despise the trials, for i know they will ultimately bring the strength only experience can give.


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