a few weeks ago A.B., my Liberian best friend, called me “to say ‘ello”. our two-minute conversation went something like this:

A.B.: “i really missing you!”
me: “myself, i’m missing you too!”
A.B.: “ehh, Elena. i can miss you plenty! every day, i pray for you small-small.”
(cue lots of laughing—from both of us)
A.B.: “okay, Elena. bye bye.”

then, just a few days ago, the infamous Momo decided he wanted to say ‘ello too!

Momo: “Leena! how everything?”
me: “everything all right, Momo.”
Momo: “how your family, your ma?
me: “everyone’s doing well. what about you? how the Passawe family? how’s Liberia?”
(short pause)
Momo: “ehh, man. we still here. Liberia still here. it not easy but tank God.”
me: “sorry, yeah? i’m missing you all, and i’m praying for you, all right?”
Momo: “yeah, man. alright-o. tell America ‘ello! later on.”

is it any wonder i miss the crazy ridiculousness of Liberian life?!


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