thankful: two

since i’ve been home, i’ve been sleeping. A LOT. i’ve consistently slept for over twelve hours each night for the past week. i’ve really been trying to listen to what my body is saying that it needs, and the answer is always the same: rest.

i really had no idea that i was so tired. but i see now how utterly exhausted i’ve been (and still am.) not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. every part of me feels weary.

so, today, i am thankful for rest. Jesus, i thank you for fluffy pillows and warm blankets. i thank you for providing me with a place to lay my heavy head. i thank you for the freedom i have right now to take thing slowly, to ease into life at home again. moreover, i thank you that i find all the rest i’ll ever need in you. be my center. take every part of me that is heavy, weary, and burdened, and place your gentle and easy yoke upon me in their place.


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