some really special girls

Everyone knows that being a teenager is difficult. Personally, I think girls have an especially tough time during those years. They worry about their appearance, school, friends, family. They struggle with self-esteem, confidence, and image. They’re trying to figure out who they really are in the midst of a world that is quick to tell them who they should be. It doesn’t matter whether they live in the States, Canada, or here in Liberia; the struggles are still the same.

This is the story of six precious, beautiful, amazing girls that are very close to my heart. I think one of the reasons their sadness affects me so much is because I see myself in them. I remember being that age and having many of those very same problems. I was lucky, though, to have people in my life that I could talk to about my issues, people to love me and encourage me and inspire me. These girls don’t have many people like that, and that’s what breaks my heart.

Please consider taking the time to write a short note of encouragement to one of these girls. You can use the Orphan Relief and Rescue contact form or email me directly. It only takes a few moments of your time and will make such an incredible impact. Th


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