home sweet home

I know, I know — it’s a been a while since I’ve posted. Please forgive me. Life has been…well, crazy(to say the least) and blogging has simply fallen to the bottom of the to-do list.

As you know, I made it safely back to the good ol’ US of A on June 29th for a time of rest, relaxation, and fund-raising before I head back to Liberia in the fall. I’m in Pennsylvania until August 2, and then I’ll be driving up to Ontario to visit my family in the Guelph/Toronto area. I’ll be back around the 14th, only to fly out on the 17th to see my Mom and siblings in Alberta. I get back to Pennsylvania again on the 26th of August, and have a little time left at home before I have to head out to Seattle sometime around the 9th or 10th of September. And after all of that, it’s back to Liberia.
(WOW. Talk about a full schedule; it’s even making my own head spin a little bit, to be honest!)

Life at home has been wonderful, though. Busy, yes, but also absolutely wonderful. It was definitely a little weird at first; part of me felt like it was still in Liberia while the rest of me was trying to jump into life here head-first. After a couple of days of adjusting and getting acclimated, I quickly fell back into the routine of life here. I have so enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones, talking about all that has happened over the past seven months. It’s so much fun to share stories and pictures and videos from Liberia, and I am continually overwhelmed by all the love, encouragement, and support I’ve received. (You guys are the BEST!) And, of course, I can’t deny how nice it’s been to take a hot shower. To walk around Target and bookstores and sit around my favorite coffee shops. To drive my car again—on paved roads! In a place where there’s actually traffic laws…and people who abide by them! To grab my iPod and hit the trails at Gring’s Mill (one my most favorite ways to unwind!) To see my church family (who, by the way, are amazing. Absolutely, hands-down, 100% amazing. I love you guys!) To straighten my hair (I know—totally girly and a little high-maintenance. But I’m being honest. I really missed my flat iron while I was in Liberia!) To eat something besides rice or bread. Liiiike….salads. And cereal. And Panera. Oh, wow. I’d almost forgotten how much I love Panera…

Anyway, like I said: life at home has been wonderful. I am so thankful to have this time, and I want to savor each and every moment.
(And if you and I haven’t gotten together yet…well, we really need to. Send me an email or Facebook message, and we’ll make it happen.)


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