guess my skin disease!?

If you guessed miliaria rubra (also known as “prickly heat”, “heat rash” or “sweat rash”), you’re correct.

About a week ago, I started noticing some red bumps on my shoulders that were extremely irritating in a sting-y, burn-y kind of way. Not thinking too much of it, I lathered up with some antibacterial soap in the shower and went to bed. I woke up in the morning to find the bumps had spread from my shoulders almost down to my elbows. As time went on, it appeared on my chest, back, neck and jawline. And I won’t lie to you — it’s making me pretty miserable.

Apparently, treatment options include moving to an air-conditioned environment and avoiding sweat-provoking activities. Umm…yeah right. Not gonna happen. (It’s also recommended that I take frequent cool showers, which I plan to start doing. I have this pretty awesome antibacterial soap that turns your skin blackish-blue when you lather up. And it also smells a little bit like Lysol, so that’s pretty interesting, too.)

Please note that this rash is completely separate from the one that I have on my left forearm, which I suspect is also heat/sweat-related. That one consists of about a dozen red bumps (some raised) that are more spread out across my skin. And that one doesn’t sting; it only slightly itches every once in a while.


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