Today, Ashley and I decided to go visit some of our favorite kiddos in Liberia. It had been two weeks since we last went to their home, so we both were itching to see all their adorable little faces!

When we pulled up to the orphanage, only a few of the youngest children were playing out front; everyone else was nowhere to be found. The little kids told us that there was a football game on the field that was close to the home. “Do you want to go?” we asked them. Their faces lit up as they jumped up and down, nodding emphatically and squealing, “Yes! Yes, les’ go!” So, with Varbah’s hand in mine—and Beyan on my hip—off we went to the football field.

All the spectators were distracted by the arrival of the “white women,” and Ashley and I were soon surrounded by dozens of kids, all wanting to shake our hands and say hello. We found the other children that live at the orphanage and greeted them. We had been standing there for only about five minutes when the rain started. And it wasn’t just a light drizzle; it started pouring. We looked for the kids to ask them what they wanted to do, only to find several of them had already started running back in the direction of the home. So, we gathered everyone together and took off running after them, jumping through puddles and stopping every few minutes to catch our breath under the plum trees.

We made it back to the orphanage and huddled together on the porch, watching the rain come down in torrents. Ashley and I had just (jokingly!) whispered to each other that we should have the kids grab the soap and go take a bath in the rain (they were pretty dirty today) when Joshua tore off his clothes and ran outside. Blessed, Arthur and Varbah quickly followed, laughing and splashing and waving to us all. And then the kids decided they want to “wash the car” so off they went with a rag and some soap. I honestly think it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

It’s days like today that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It’s days like today that make my heart so happy that it feels like it could burst. These kids never have enough food, never have enough care—but on a rainy day like today, they laughed and played and shrieked with joy, just like any other child living anywhere else. It’s days like today that remind me yet again that children truly are God’s best, most precious gift.


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