Recently, I was introduced to the ifast58 movement: people from all over “dedicating one day each week to pray and fast for the poor, the hungry and the oppressed around the world as well as those who serve them” while memorizing Isaiah 58 at the same time (ifast58.org).

When I first heard about this, my heart literally leaped inside of me from excitement and awe. See, for a while now, God has been laying Is. 58 before me and told me that I need to fast and pray for the poor and hungry and the hurting of the world. The day of the week that I’ve been doing that on? Wednesday.

So when I started hearing about ifast58 and checked out the website, I discovered that there were others out there, just like me, doing just what I’ve been doing when I’ve been doing it!I was inspired and speechless and just … amazed. What a confirmation! It was like God was saying, “See? I am at work here. See? This is so important to me that I’ve called my children together to make it important to them as well. See? You are a part of something bigger.”

I believe that today, even now, God is moving. He is busy “loosing the chains of injustice, untying the cords of the yoke, setting the oppressed free.” He has heard the cries, and He is saying, “Here I am.”


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